« In my Odyssey I long to hear the voice of my cello, meeting sounds, stories, singing ; anything that I have not yet imagined. I want to give voice to events that are hidden away somewhere in memory, in waking or sleeping dreams, sensations or emotions and offer them sanctuary in the Odyssey. »

Odyssey for Cello and Imaginary Choir was designed as a solo performance in which I set myself adrift in a world of sounds. As though in a dream sequence, I am alone against a soundtrack with boat sirens, crickets in the burning sun, murmuring crowds, breathing, winds, storm and chaos… thirteen adventures built around the music of Bach, Prokofiev, Aperghis and also popular Berber, Egyptian, Syrian and Byzantine song. The show toured France and internationally. It played large and small venues, in historic settings with natural decor and in the open air. It reinvents and adapts itself to each place. The often cinematographic images that appear completely fill the space. My aim today is for the Odyssey to set out to meet thousands of other Odysseys. I dream of discovering different cities and regions. Meeting people, taking time with them to share my Odyssey. Recording sounds together. Then incorporating this raw material into the Odyssey and its soundtrack. I have no specific expectation. Each venue hosting a performance would thus become the home of its own Odyssey variation : the Odyssey for that place and those people.” — Art direction and cello : Sonia Wieder-Atherton Sound track : Franck Rossi Sound recording and editing : Julie Grisel Lighting design : Franck Thévenon, based on an idea by Xavier Arias