Odyssey n°7 : Naked voices

In partnership with the Festival of Aix-en-Provence
and the Festival Choral Académique
Choirs : Students of junior and high schools in Aix-en-Provence,
Luynes and Manosque in the south of France
Choral direction and tutoring : Philippe Franceschi
Concerts given on June 17 and 24 2017 and July 6 2017

“I worked with many different groups of children.
I searched for their faces.
I saw faces that were curious, shy, happy, hurt¸ impatient, open to the unknown. Faces from so many different places and backgrounds.
We steeped ourselves in the adventures of my Odyssey.
Some united to face the adventures together, others sought moments of intimacy, even solitude.
Soothed by the waves, the clicking of oars or the song of the cello, each child offered up a treasure. Then, holding on to these secrets, we sought places for them in the Odyssey. Hidden secrets, secrets sung or spoken.
This is how all the faces came together to enter the Odyssey.

We travelled together.
Taking turns to steer the vessel, the Odyssey, on its course to reach out to all.
On my voyage I met so much imagination, so much generosity, ability to listen, desire and attention to detail. From everyone: the Festival, the educational team, the teachers and of course the students…
I should like to thank you all.”

Photo credits : Julie Grisel