Odyssey n°3 : In the palm of the hand

In partnership with the Festival d’Ile-de-France
With the voice of M’hamed AIT Khouya et Fatima Anaya, Marie-Christine Deniset,
Fatima-Zahra Dridi, Marie-Christine Gény, Fatemeh Hadezadeh, Aicha
et Samir Katef, et leurs enfants Samira, Arris et Axel, Malika Kemmar, Roseline
Le Roux, Marguerite Moreira, Jazia et Rahma Saidane, Boly Seck, all members of the non-profit organisation École et Famille of St-Ouen-l’Aumône
Concert given on September 10 2016 at Maubuisson Abbey

“When Samir heard the sound of the Kabyle women in the Odyssey soundtrack it was enough to trigger her memories of his little sister’s wedding in the hills of Kabylie. A little sister that he never saw again.
Some of the women whispered their poem in the soundtrack, in the inexorable eruption of a volcano, or in the growling basses of a distant cello… Others sang for their mothers or to voice their homesickness. As many worlds as there were individuals, stepping into the Odyssey hand in hand.”


Photo credits : © Festival d’Ile-de-France

École et Famille is a non-profit organization, a neighbourhood resource centre whose vocation is to connect and nurture a dialogue between school, family and broader society. It has created a place where people can meet weekly to discuss a wide range of themes such as religion, education, and motherhood. The participants, from different horizons, be they families or single mothers, regular or occasional, introduce themselves, tell their stories, ask questions, share, confident and protected by the reassuring presence of mediator Fatima-Zhara Dridi.