Odyssey n°6 : 46 bis rue Thiers

In collaboration with C.A.D.A, Dieppe and MC2, Grenoble
With the voices of Ange Mviy-Kala, Samia Cherifi, Olzhas Utelov,
Ghossun Hamoud and Samira El Ayashi
Concert given on May 4 2017

“I met three people in Dieppe.
Three people whose whole lives were being built around waiting.
Waiting for papers.


Ange listened to the Odyssey, the cello immersed in the waves, and said “I’d like to sing”.
She sang, her baby in her arms, then stories became intertwined with her singing.

Ange is Congolese.


In her home country she was a lawyer. Listening to one of the adventures in the Odyssey, she said “I won’t sing, I’ll scream”.
Then her narrative came pouring out like a torrent.
Samia is Kabyle.


He wanted to add the cries of seagulls to all the Odyssey’s adventures.
When he heard the wind from which the rasping sounds of the cello emerged, he murmured a few words. “A man is suffering. Nobody close by. Just the wind. The sand. Not even rain. Nothing. A day…”
Then, with a sigh, he stopped.
He asked me to play.
Huddled up in a ball, he listened over and over.
Then he left.
Oljas is Kazakh.


In Paris I met Ghossun.
The images that came to her were so violent that we stopped.
Then one day she came back. She listened again, then said, I want to get there.
Ghossun is Syrian.


I shared unforgettable moments with them.


I extend my warmest thanks to C.A.D.A in Dieppe,
especially Erik Schando and Valérie Baril
not to forget Ariane Doublet.”

Photo credits : Sonia Wieder-Atherton