The days

With the presence of Imogen Cooper, Laurent Cabasso, André Markowicz, Akhil J. Chand, Franck Krawczyk, Aurélie Saraf, Françoise Rivalland, Anouk Grinberg, Marc Petit, Marius Atherton, Vivian Ostrovsky, Aurore Clément, Alain Français, Jean Kalman, Leora Barish, Sarah Moon.

I would like to say thank you
for your regular and warm presence.
Together we invented
a moment that allowed so many meetings,
scraps of stories told

like so many little flames into the night.

Thank you also to all those who shared

their art with such immediacy

and thank you to those who helped me.

These meetings I called them “The days”.

I would like them to continue,

let them be the occasion for other meetings.

And their rhythm, we will find it

in the pulsation of the passing days.